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Landscaping: Budgeting for Your New Outdoor Renovations

by Debbie Caldwell 08/21/2022

Transforming your landscaping not only beautifies your home, but it may also increase the value of your property. Your landscaping plays a significant role in your overall curb appeal, which is what interested buyers rely on when developing a first impression of your home.

Here are some costs that you should consider as you create your budget:

Hiring a Professional to Create a Site Plan

Unless you have significant experience with landscape design, it's almost always best to rely on a professional to create a plan for you. This may be your first upfront cost, but it's a worthwhile investment to consider. A professional landscape design team will not only create a beautiful plan, but one that will thrive in your local climate. 

Purchasing the Plants and Shrubs

You also are going to want to set aside funds for the cost of the actual plants, shrubs or grass that will be included as part of your landscape design. The costs for these plants will vary based on the age of the plant, the type of plant that it is and the number of plants that you are going to incorporate into the design.

Purchasing the Decorative Elements

Your landscaping design plan also may include decorative elements, such as paver stones, rock gardens, a fountain or other items. You should identify which items you will use, and budget so you do not run into unexpected expenses in the final stage of your project.

Hiring Professionals to Complete the Project

Finally, once you have all the materials ready, you can implement your landscaping plan. The final cost you need to consider is labor. The size of the work team and the project will affect how much you will have to pay for this last stage of the project.

The size and scope of your landscaping project will have a significant impact on the total cost of it. It's also important to keep in mind the natural climate of your area and the plants that your lawn can support. It's important to work with professionals who can help guide you as you make selections and bring your landscaping dreams to life.

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